Front of xmas card for promotionDon’t wait until the last minute to order your Room at the Inn’s 2015 Christmas Cards. With these beautiful holiday cards, you will not only be bringing the spirit of joy and happiness to your loved ones, but also supporting the homeless in our community!

The cover art was created by Graci, 12, a former client of Room at the Inn. Graci drew an angel for this year’s greeting card cover. She also inscribed a message as a reminder for all celebrating Christmas: “God so loved the world,” taken from John 3:16.

The message inside the card has the full John 3:16 passage, as well as a greeting, which reads, “Wishing you peace, love and happiness during Christmas and throughout the New Year.”

Proceeds from the sale of the cards will benefit the clients of Room at the Inn.

Cards are $10 for a pack of 12, plus $2.50 for shipping. No shipping fee applied if picked up at Room at the Inn. To place your order, please contact Colleen Price at 314-209-9181 or