Night Site Partners

Room at the Inn operates with 50 interfaith congregations to house and feed our clients overnight.  It is one of Room at the Inn’s greatest strengths!  Room at the Inn operates from one central location.

(Click here to see a map of the congregations participating in our night site program)

Every evening, volunteers from Room at the Inn’s interfaith congregations transport our clients to their congregation, where they provide an evening meal, companionship, and a safe place to sleep.  In the morning, they provide breakfast and transportation back to the location in Bridgeton.  This generous outreach by our partner congregations allows Room at the Inn to operate efficiently.

Room at the Inn gives caring people a chance to help someone directly.

By working with more than 2,000 regular yearly volunteers throughout St. Louis County and St. Charles County, Room at the Inn gives these caring people – of more than 15 different faith traditions – a chance to do something real and meaningful to help the homeless.

Let’s face it: homelessness is a huge problem, and no one person can do much to solve it.  But our volunteers know that one person can make a real difference in the life of a homeless person.  By making a special dinner, chatting with a young mother, or playing with a child, our volunteers show our homeless clients that they care.  That’s an important message at any time, but means even more when you’re at your most vulnerable.

Traveling to a different location each evening gives our clients a chance to see how many people care about them.  As a former client said, “What better way to go through a great trial than in the house of God!”

The flip side of this relationship is that our volunteers come to know homeless people as individuals; they are able to put faces to homelessness, making it more real, more personal.  Our volunteer collaborators are fighting homelessness, but they do it one person at a time.