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Room at the Inn is a temporary, emergency shelter for homeless women and families, regardless of the age or gender of the children. We empower program participants to create their own solution to their homelessness through education and referrals. We serve about 150 people per year, including single mothers with their children, single women, two-parent or single-father families. With a capacity of 20 people per day, we assist the homeless in the St. Louis area. Sponsored by the Sisters of Divine Providence since 1993, Room at the Inn is a 501(c)(3) agency incorporated in Missouri.

We are bolstered by more than 2,000 regular yearly volunteers, representing 15 different faiths and a wide range of socioeconomic backgrounds. We collaborate with more than 50 outside agencies to make needed services available for our clients. We are the catalyst that allows the community to help the homeless.

Financial Documents

Annual Report for 2014-2015
990 for 2014-2015

Recent Client Outcomes

Room at the Inn is one of only three emergency shelter providers in the St. Louis County Continuum of Care.
Our recent outcomes include:

  • 100% of adult clients (staying longer than seven days) had physical-health, mental-health and substance-abuse evaluations. (Goal is 90%)
  • 100% of clients (staying longer than four days) needing social services were made aware of available resources and were referred to appropriate agencies. (Goal is 95%)
  • 98% of clients received transportation to employment, social service agencies and educational appointments as needed. (Goal is 100%)
  • 99% of clients (staying longer than four days) were made aware of, and assisted with applying for, longer-term housing as appropriate. (Goal is 100%)
  • 100% of children started the enrollment process (within three days of entering Room at the Inn) or remained in school throughout the homeless episode. We empower parents through advocacy assistance about their children’s educational rights. (Goal is 100%)
  • While in shelter, 100% of clients (staying longer than four days) undertook at least two activities designed to break their cycle of homelessness, e.g., budgeting classes, group support, employment search, etc. (Goal is 85%)
  • 23 clients (16 households) were ready for sustainable housing and were placed into permanent or transitional housing. (Goal is 40-50 households)

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