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5 Reasons Why We Say Thank You

Thank You

They say you should “count your blessings.” We tried, but realized Room at the Inn is often showered with so many blessings, that they are hard to count.

We pulled the top reasons why we feel blessed and grateful for every day at Room at the Inn. However, we cannot quite encompass the amount of gratitude we feel toward all of you, so we will try the best we can to say thank you to:

Our staff: For their hard work and dedication to making the lives of our clients better every day. Our shelter’s mission and programs could not be carried out without all of your efforts.

Our donors and grantors: You have given us the financial resources that allow us to give our clients the best service we can offer. Your support is the backbone of our programs, and your generosity to see our mission continue is unmatchable.

Our Board of Directors: For steering this organization in all the right directions. Each step of the way in this long journey, you have believed in Room at the Inn and the power we have to serve and improve our community.

Our volunteers: From helping clients with resumes, feeding and clothing them, to offering them a smile and an attentive ear, you’ve care for our clients like one of your own. We are blessed to have the most compassionate and caring individuals giving of themselves to the service of others. You are our rock.

Our Night Sites: You are the cornerstone of our program. You’ve collectively and graciously opened the doors of your faith communities and your hearts for the less fortunate. You give us, and them, a reason to believe in the power of faith, unity and humanity.

Finally, to all and each of you reading this newsletter, whether you have volunteered, served or donated to Room at the Inn, we want to thank you for being part of this wonderful family which seeks to provide the homeless in our community a purpose and a future.

We could spend all day counting our blessings.

Thank you and have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving Day.

‘Everyone deserves a chance’ | Volunteer completes 100th resume with clients

Robyn Weilbacher (middle) helps clients with their resume at Room at the Inn. Recently, Weilbacher completed her 100th resume session.

Robyn Weilbacher (middle) helps clients with their resume at Room at the Inn. Recently, Weilbacher completed her 100th resume session.

Robyn Weilbacher has served as a Room at the Inn volunteer for several years through her congregation, Shaare Emeth.

But it wasn’t until the spring of last year, while volunteering for Room, that Weilbacher realized one of her true life-callings.

“I met some of the female clients at my temple and I just asked them, ‘What can I do for you?’ said Weilbacher, who is a speech language therapist. “They said, ‘We need help finding jobs.'”

Weilbacher took to her computer, did hours of research, and realized she could teach clients valuable tools on how to write resumes and find jobs.

“I don’t have any professional, resume-building experience,” Weilbacher explained. “I just had done it for somebody before and thought, ‘I could help out.'”

Earlier this month, Weilbacher completed her 100th resume with Room at the Inn clients.

“How do I keep going? I believe in them,” Weilbacher said. “I feel like I’ve found my calling this past year. I feel like everyone deserves to have a good job. Not just a job but a good job. They deserve to have a good life.”

Weilbacher said many of Room at the Inn clients have the experience and skills necessary to find decent jobs, but have not realized it themselves.

Weilbacher recalls how, last summer, one client shouted in disbelief after completing her resume.

“All she said was, ‘Is that me? That’s me!” Weilbacher remembers. “I think so many people have had such bad luck. They feel frustrated and they feel down about themselves. Everyone deserves a chance to have a good life and a good job. They do have experience, and they are good people. But their lives are so torn apart by the time they are in a homeless shelter that they just give up and don’t value themselves. I try to inspire them and make them realize they are worth it.”

But it was not only Weilbacher who made an impact on Room at the Inn clients. Weilbacher said Room at the Inn has also changed her.

“Room completes me,” she said. “Never in my entire life have I experienced anything like this. I’ve volunteered before, but this summer, while I was taking a break, I felt something had been missing from my life. As soon as I returned and started talking to the clients again, I was almost in tears. I was so happy. I felt like I was home.”

The staff of Room at the Inn wish to extend a sincere congratulations and thanks to Robyn Weilbacher for everything she has done for our clients. You have truly given our clients – as our motto says – a future and a purpose.

May God bless you.

Interested in volunteering?

Room at the Inn is currently seeking tutors and child-care volunteers. To find out more and to match your skills and time availability to the shelter’s needs, please contact Volunteer Coordinator Melanie Matthew at 314-209-9191, or via email at mmatthew@roomstl.org.

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